jamie callahan   +   photography
As a photographer, I pride myself in exposing the beauty of the everyday world around us. It is unfortunate that in our fast paced society, we are usually too busy to take the time to see what often lies beyond the surface. Every day many of us walk or drive by the same things as we follow our routine, never stopping to see past the blinding monotony.

The tragedy is that this is often where the most beautiful things lie. It is in and amongst these boring, ordinary, and expected artifacts of our daily lives that I feel we are most likely to discover the majesty of the unforeseen. Whether the reward of really taking the time to see is obvious but overlooked or subtle and hidden, the effect can be immeasurable, and infinitely worthwhile.

I feel strongly that these are the things that can often keep us going -these little beautiful surprises amongst the drone of every day life. It is in these brief pauses that we can take solace. I feel compelled to show these places to others. For those who may not know how to find them, I present them until they can stop for a moment and truly open their eyes.